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call center software
call center software

Our secret: a comprehensive software solution, with maximum benefits, coupled with a customer service that adapts to your needs. Our users talk about us …

Customer service managers have immediate access to critical business information to provide fast and efficient customer service, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The most widely used contact center solution worldwide

The Software Call Center of Neotel will allow you to increase the productivity of your call center or contact center and improve both the service and the results.

Neotel offers the call center software tools necessary for companies that require the intensive use of the phone. Whether it is a company that offers Call Center services or a small customer service department, our solutions can help you to make operators more efficient, reduce call costs and earn quality of service for your customers. Or managements.

Services for Call-Center start in telephony. We propose to use VoIP technology basing the lines on the Internet, Neotel offers special VoIP prices for Call Center with a very competitive cost per minute. Contact us so we can quote you!

Neotel’s Call Center software tools offer a unique solution that no other company in the industry is able to give today.

Offer your clients the help they need, when they want it and how they choose. Build better relationships by giving them more ways to interact and generating less discomfort.


Companies use various call center technologies to maximize productivity and customer experience.

Our Call Center software is designed for both call centers and call centers of companies that need to attend a large number of calls optimizing costs and internal resources.

The Call Center software ideal for business models in constant development.

Turnkey solution combined with the option of expanding modules and custom developments.

Boost and boost your business sales with our Call Center Software.

Please contact us if you need assistance or want to receive a quote.

The call center software is an application that integrates into an Asterisk telephone exchange and offers various services that facilitate the integration and management of voice and data. The system is a complete software package for both call center service providers and those companies that need to save time, reduce costs and improve customer service.

At Neotel we work with software solutions specially designed for the automation and efficient management of IP and Call Center switches with the most competitive quality / price ratio in the sector.


Some of these advantages are:

  • With just one invoice, you could have control of fixed and mobile costs.
  • Mobile extensions’traded bonds
  • Zero-cost internal calls with no limits and forever, since they would be between landline phones extensions as well as mobiles one.

Neotel’s virtual PBX has completely linked its capacity with mobile phones services. In that way, our customers could take great advantages of this linkage.



For example: if a company has to call all of its customers to give them timely information, she simply has to record the message she wants to communicate and load the database of the customers the system has to call. This last will call one by one to all of the customers, sending the talking prerecorded; also, if necessary, the called customer could speak with an operator, if it required it.

With the Neotel’s Robot Call, the customer who is using it can carry out automated calling campaigns in a totally autonomous way by the system.


This module makes the creation of telesales’ campaigns much easier, where the Neotel‘ server will take care of making outgoing calls and forward them to the telemarketer when the end customer is already on the other side of the line. This capacity of the predictive dialer does the time of the telemarketer in the conversation grows considerably, greatly improving the effectiveness of telemarketers

It’s possible to add the predictive dialer module to the entire switchboard ’skills in the Cloud that we are selling nowadays.

Neotel provides its customers the Software for Call Center with the best switchboard on the market.

Choose your Call Center tool or contact with us and we make the most suitable package for you.


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