Everything you should know about Virtual PBX

Virtual or Cloud Based PBX has become an important trend in today’s world. It comes equipped with all the benefits for your business. Due to the increasing popularity of virtual PBX, most of the startup and small business owners are shifting towards it to offer a high quality business advantage to the customers.


What is a virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX is nothing but an advanced telephone system which is easily accessible from any area. Since they do not require the physical presence of any phone, these are pretty affordable. The physical telephone systems require businesses to get an internet connection to keep the phones connected. You will need to work with creating greetings, setting up conference calls and more.


Getting a virtual phone system would make it convenient for you to keep the conversation professional. You won’t need to compromise on the reliability. With virtual PBX system you would get to customise the greetings and messages would be forwarded as well.


Features of virtual PBX

Having virtual PBX integrated into your business can offer you a wide range of businesses. Some of the most prominent features include the following:


  • Easy Call Transfer

It will become extremely easy for you to transfer calls easily from the customers to team members. Therefore, you wouldn’t need to keep your customers waiting as call transfer becomes seamless.


  • Smart Call Forwarding

Once you choose the right virtual PBX system, call forwarding becomes easy to multiple phones. Moreover, it becomes easy to manage the on-the-go system.

video call and video conferencing in the cloud


  • Easy access to local phone numbers

Once you have the virtual PBX system integrated into your business, it becomes extremely easier for you to access local phone numbers. As a result, you would be able to reach out to all the clients.

virtual pbx

With your cloud-based PBX system, you would have the option to add more than one person on your call. Therefore, you will be able to have a 3-way conference or more.


  • Call recording

The virtual PBX system allows you to record calls and keep a check on your agent’s performance. This will make it easier for you to solve their queries and doubts.