Monitor Your Business Calls In Real-Time

Whilst still maintaining high call quality standards, you can add the ability to listen, whisper and even barge into your staff’s calls to any handset. Our call monitoring feature can help to dramatically improve staff performance, enabling managers to train staff more effectively.

Know what’s happening anywhere in your phone network.

Call recordings are accessible via your web browser from our cloud service. You can either listen to them online or download them to your computer.

The call recording capability of our cloud phone system is both low in cost and simple to use.

Call monitoring involves a supervisor tapping into a phone transaction between an agent and a caller. There are several methods of monitoring a call.

Call Monitoring Features

PBX Call Monitoring

Call Monitoring feature allows call center admins and supervisors to discreetly listen in on conversations between your agents and your customers or prospects. Use the real-time dashboard to view the list of active conversations that are currently taking place. When you join an active call as an Admin/Supervisor, Neotel will put you on mute while you listen to the conversation. Call Monitoring helps you to evaluate both your agents as well as your communication strategies and improve your entire business call center. Call Monitoring is quite useful for distributed teams and enables the supervisors to maintain the quality of the call center by having their eyes and ears everywhere without having to be physically present.


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