Predictive Dialer

predictive dialer
predictive dialer

Predictive dialing software can determine how many agents will be available to collect calls made at any given time.

Predictive dialing is often used in call centers.

Tool designed to make calls automatically in a progressive and / or predictive way, which maximizes the cost through an increase in the efficiency of the agents’ time utilization.

A predictive dialer is a very powerful tool used by call centers. Basically it is an application that allows automatic and massive dialing of a list of telephone numbers using algorithms to reduce the time that agents spend on hold and at the same time minimize the number of calls that are answered and can not be answered by an agent.

A Predictive Dialer increases the number of contacts of your agents, increasing their productivity. It reduces the time between calls and minimizes the number of calls that are not answered.

Predictive dialing is one of the most widely used auto-dialing rhythm options, and Neotel offers the most complete set of predictive dialing capabilities on the market.

Predictive dialers allow call centers to predict algorithmically when agents will be available and how long it takes to answer calls. This process allows agents to get more live connections, significantly increasing their productivity.

Predictive dialers can be used to support multiple simultaneous sales and marketing campaigns. Applications for predictive dialing vary widely.

In telemarketing campaigns, from a database, it is attempted to reach the largest possible number of people by telephone, for a survey, a seminar call, teleshopping, etc.

The difference between an automatic dialer and a predictive dialer is that the latter has a control of all calls and statistically predicts when a free operator will remain, and when to make the call and how many calls to make. As the campaign is being carried out, it takes data from the calls that are being made and changes its statistical criteria to suit the duration of the call, the probability of success, etc.

The difference between a predictive dialer and another is the extent to which operator productivity can rise.

With good tools a call center can double the productivity of operators in outbound telemarketing.

It is a tool that supports efficient performance in the Call Center through a substantial increase in live connections. Our Predictive Dialer ensures that Agents connect with real people, which translates into more productive time.


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