Virtual PBX and Fax: Everything you need to know

Faxing has become an outdated technology in today’s world but then it has an important role to play in the workforce. Most of the organizations from different sectors such as legal, healthcare and government industries are still very much relied on the faxes for the transfer of documents. But there has been a major change in the faxing procedure over time.


One major reason why people aren’t opting for fax is that there is a lot of physical effort involved. For minor works such as documents sharing and more, one needs to get involved in getting the documents. This can, however, prove to be demeaning. But, how do we get rid of the physical system and work with the faxing system? As a result the trend of virtual fax came up in the market.

What is virtual fax?

Virtual Fax refers to online fax or electronic fax. This modern solution is directly aimed at solving the problem of faxing and carrying physical machines. Over the past few years it has become extremely popular in the electronic world. With the option of virtual fax, you can easily upload electronic documents to any online portal, convert the file and send it to the specified number. The incoming fax would further be received as an email attachment.


Can you fax virtually?

Well, this is one question that bothers people all around the world. The trend of virtual fax has evolved and brought about significant changes in the business. The physical fax machine cannot be used to send faxes virtually. However, a virtual PBX or analog adapted can help send the documents. These become extremely important while choosing the VoIP. As a result, you can easily get rid of those big systems. Moreover, the death of fax machines has eventually made it easier to handle everything online.


Irrespective of the purpose of using the VoIP, the virtual PBX can be extremely beneficial for receiving online fax messages. Either you will need a separate extension or you would get a particular phone number for maintaining the system. The incoming fax would further be received as an email in PDF format.

virtual pbx


These online methods of receiving fax messages can be beneficial in several ways. One potential benefit is that it is extremely friendly to the environment. With the virtual PBX system, you would get your attachments online and thus, you won’t need to print until it is really urgent.


Another major importance is that these faxes become easily accessible. This is mostly because all the faxes would be received by you in the email message format. Hence, you won’t need to carry your system everywhere to get access. With the help of virtual PBX and online mailing it becomes easier to maintain a track record. Hence, you will be able to access the information wherever you are. All you will need is a mobile device and a good internet connection. Therefore, in times as well, it will become an essential aspect for them.


One major benefit of the virtual PBX with fax is that the system is integrated into the phone as well. Moreover, you will receive a notification on your phone when fax arrives. Therefore, it becomes convenient for you to easily use the entire system.


Why should you choose a virtual fax?

Virtual or online fax has come a long way since the last time. They are not only proving to be effective but budget-friendly too for the organizations. Some of the essential reasons why you should be choosing virtual fax include the following:


Lesser Resource

With virtual fax, there will be absolutely no requirement of any fax machine. This would prevent the machine from taking up extra space and eventually there will be free space in the office. Moreover, you wouldn’t need to purchase part, inks and other such resources required for that. Apart from that, there would be absolutely no worry to change and maintain the system from breaking down. Since fax requires a phone line, you wouldn’t need to pay that. Virtual PBX or a phone line would be enough for taking up and receiving emails.



If you a physical fax machine in your office, be ready for there would be a long queue. As a result, you would need to stand by it for receiving and transferring faxes. The incoming faxes are readily available in the phone as email attachments while the outgoing faxes can be easily uploaded into the computer. Virtual fax allows you the convenience to send a fax to multiple customers at the same time. Not only can you send to multiple people, but you can also receive fax from multiple people at once. This proves to be beneficial for businesses that need to get things done immediately.



Compared to traditional fax, virtual fax is a more secure platform. This is usually because the email or fax with sensitive information will need to be stuck in the platform for a long time. In the meantime, if you are mailing the files, you will not need to be worried. Email leads to the messages becoming encrypted. As a result, the email would be accessible by people who know the password to the fax portal.



The traditional method of faxing can prove to be extremely harmful to the environment since it uses a lot of paper. Moreover, it will require you to print all the papers, even if it is spam. Billions and billions of papers are wasted each year due to fax. However, having virtual fax wouldn’t need you to print any document for all of it would be stored electronically in the mail. Until and unless you need a physical copy of the file, there is no requirement to print the document.


Flexibility of location

While traditional faxes require you to be stuck at one location to access the documents, virtual faxes do not require any such thing. You can access your virtual fax from any location where internet is available since it goes directly into your email inbox. Therefore, irrespective of where you are working, you can easily access your files. Not only receiving, sending faxes also becomes easy since you can upload electronic files via the online fax portal.


Easy record-keeping

Storing fax documents becomes extremely easier with the electronic fax portal. You will be able to sort the file in a better at. As a result, your files won’t be waiting outside the machine. Moreover, everything would be stored online in your email. Therefore, you wouldn’t need to maintain those bulky physical files or scanning more. Hence, you would be able to save money from incoming and outgoing faxes.


Should you switch to virtual fax?

With virtual PBX taking over the market, all businesses are aimed at enhancing the overall system. The coming in of virtual fax has contributed a lot towards improving the businesses. The business of all sizes, from small to big are adopting the virtual fax procedure.


One essential thing to note is that the virtual fax isn’t available for residential phones and require special VoIP. This special feature will require you to have a secondary phone specially meant for that purpose. However, you should ensure to carry out thorough research for a better understanding to ease the process of using it.