Virtual PBX and Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has always been a major requirement for businesses. Most of the businesses in today’s generation are looking for ways that can play an important role in boosting satisfaction. The increased satisfaction can further help bring about huge profit to businesses. Moreover, better satisfaction would lead to businesses driving new customers apart from existing customers.


If your business is trying to generate new customers it will take a lot of effort and time. This can, however, be harmful to your business. Experts have suggested that time and effort with virtual PBX can be a major boost for your business. This will help you in impressing your expert customers.


Does communication matter?

In every connective business, communication has a key role to play. Various surveys and reports have suggested that around 75% of people become annoyed if any live agent is not present. This can, however, be extremely harmful to business. The absence of a live agent can give way to severe customer disappointment. As a result, it becomes extremely necessary to be concerned about it. You might not know but a number of businesses have been suffering for lack of communication.


Communication is the key to satisfied customers. As mentioned above, every customer hates waiting. Apart from that, anyone who cannot solve the query of the customers is strictly hated by the people. The customers often look for people who can eventually solve the problem by listening to it. As a result, the businesses have been implementing virtual PBX to understand the customer dissatisfaction better. As soon as the system understands the problem, accurate solution can be provided. This however is extremely appreciated by the customers.


Is PBX filling up the gap? 

The introduction of virtual PBX has contributed towards bridging the gap mostly created due to lack of communication. PBX or private branch exchange (PBX), is a phone system aimed at enabling the communication between customer and enterprise.


With virtual PBX, more communication has been made possible because of the internet. The communication can be through different mediums, either video, multimedia or voice. With the development in technologies, cloud-based PBX has become common.


Since it is a major area for communication, most of the businesses each day are installing virtual PBX into the system. This acts as an advanced level of communication. Not to mention, the virtual PBX has become the main mode of communication in every industry.


Why virtual PBX? 

Customer satisfaction has been the main aim of most businesses. The lack of communication was one of the major reasons why customers have been so dissatisfied. But if proper communication is provided, it can eventually be improved. Virtual PBX can also be extremely helpful for reducing efforts and time thereby helping to save money.


Virtual PBX and Customer Satisfaction

It won’t be wrong to say that virtual PBX and Customer satisfaction go hand in hand. The better connectivity for your virtual PBX, the better will be communication and eventually more satisfied customers.



Virtual PBX is your efficient partner that can provide high-quality service to your customers. As a result, they will be able to get what they expect. Over the years, virtual PBX system has proven to be helpful for various businesses. Some of the most prominent ways through which PBX can help to enhance customer satisfaction include


A better solution to serve the customers

The work culture of being present 24*7 has been in the world for a long time now. This culture is being enforced into the business areas because with the increase of customers the demands are increasing as well. This is further contributing towards bringing a boost to the system.


Customers expect service from your side whether it is 3 am or 11 pm at night. Irrespective of the day and time you are supposed to provide service to the businesses. With the virtual PBX, the features such as call forwarding, call routing and transferring have come into being. This eventually allows the calls to be transferred to any particular department. As a result, the customer retention rate of businesses has been increasing as well.


Call monitoring

virtual pbx

With the help of virtual PBX, there is no requirement of manual labour. The PBX has been allowing to keep a check on the calls. Call monitoring has proven to be extremely beneficial for the businesses as the main owners can keep a check on how the employees have been performing and eventually improve the monitoring tools.


The improvement in monitoring tools can help to bring about a boost in customer satisfaction. These tools analyse all the areas and patterns where improvements need to be brought about. This further ensures better customer management service. Various PBX monitoring tools have helped in troubleshooting such as latency, packet loss and more. A little consideration regarding the troubleshooting with PBX has brought about positivity to business.


Automated response

Virtual PBX providers have been bringing about significant changes in the business. The IVR technology such as Interactive Voice Recognition has been contributing towards providing constant customer support. Constant customer support ensures faster resolving of the problems.


The callers or customers no longer need to wait in huge queues. Moreover, the PBX also gives them the flexibility to explain the problem thoroughly and receive the solution accordingly. The system manages all the initial problems of the problems and in case of agent assistance, the call is transferred to the most qualified one. The introduction of IVR has also contributed to preparing the system for callbacks. This is cheaper than usual. As a result, for a very affordable rate the customer demand is met.


Multichannel communication

Virtual PBX has proven to be a pretty efficient thing for boosting multichannel communication. Time has advanced at a pretty rapid rate. Most of the businesses look forward to providing great service to their customers. Hence, multichannel communication across different channels such as phone and web is one of the most demanded things.


Virtual PBX contributes towards boosting the multiple channel communication. This has been contributing towards easing the process is staying connected. Just by clicking on the call button, the call button would eventually be transferred to the person. Simplified interaction further helps in enhancing customer satisfaction.



Businesses often look for ways through which they can reduce their cost. Promoting virtual PBX into the system can be one of the most efficient ways to grow your business. The more employees you include in your business, the more cost you will need to set up the infrastructure.


This however is not possible because it only increases the coat. As a result, the virtual PBX system for a very affordable rate will allow you to stay connected without any additional charges. Using your computer-based interface, you can easily add or drop off calls. Therefore, in very less amount you will be able to increase the scalability of the business.


Are customers satisfied? 

The customers were satisfied with the manual labour as well but it did not bring about much results for the business. The increase in technology has only contributed to enhancing the ease of business. This is however fruitful for employees and customers as well. With no or less waiting time, customers no longer need to fuss about waiting or queries being solved. This has brought about huge benefits to the business.