Virtual PBX: Transforming Small Business and Large Businesses

The advancement of technology has contributed to the increasing popularity of businesses. The improvement has been noticed not only by the big businesses but also by the small ones. Each sector has seen rapid development and being a little careful with it can be pretty careful in the long run.


Reports have suggested that most of the big businesses such as Apple, Dell, Google and more have seen rapid development in productivity. This is usually because of the availability of options. Well, if you’re thinking that virtual PBX has contributed only towards transforming the big business sectors, it has not. The small businesses reportedly have seen major development as well.


On average, annually the businesses can boost their productivity by 25%, but the rapid development in productivity for the big businesses has only happened due to the implementation of businesses. If you noticed the businesses, reports suggest that most of them are a fall in their productivity because of different time-wasting activities.


There are various minor activities which can be easily done with the technology. But in the previous years, manual labour was required to do these tasks. This however contributed towards the loss of productivity in the employees. However, being a little considerate about it can be helpful in the long run. Most businesses have developed with time and the inclusion of virtual PBX technology has only led to rising popularity.


Features contributing to large organisations

Large organisations are mostly dependant on the virtual PBX for carrying out most of their functions. However, there are certain aspects which have eventually grown with large organisations. Some of the prominent features of virtual PBX that has been helpful for large organisations include the following


Simplified Work Platform

The in-built tracking tool of virtual PBX helps you keep a check on the number of incoming calls. As a result, you get the opportunity to track your marketing campaigns as well.

virtual pbx

High-quality performance

No matter what system you install in your business, you will always expect it to drive your business performance. The performance can only be improved with employees engagement. It is necessary to note that even the smallest disruption or echo in your call can have a negative impact on your customer base. As a result, it is extremely necessary to choose a telecommunication system that has a stable network.


Neotel’s virtual PBX is not only effective but efficient as well, thereby helping to bring about changes. The right provider will ensure that you receive the best quality for proper functioning. You should always be looking for smooth communication so that it becomes easy for you to scale your business and offer proper integration into your system.


With the right telecommunication system, you can always enjoy a smooth communication and calling. The smart integration would ensure a faster and better charge for everything. Moreover, if you undergo any difficulty, it will be easily solved. Hence, make sure to keep a check with the problems for them to get solved easily on time.


Multiple site connection

With the virtual PBX system, you can stay connected with the different operating system around the globe. You can not only stay in touch with your internal partners but also with that of your external partners. The related extension of voicemail can contribute towards easing many things.


The virtual PBX also allows taking up calls on the mobiles thereby helping the people to work even when they are out of office. As a result, this feature has helped the large organisations to expand their employee base and employ people from remote working conditions as well.


The distance between the office and the employee can eventually be reduced with a phone connection and properly functioning internet connection. Therefore, one central employee can easily stay in touch with remote employees. A little consideration with how to implement in the real-life business can be a little problematic but it is totally worth it.


Is virtual PBX helpful for small businesses? 

While virtual PBX has played its part in improving the popularity of large business organizations, it has essentially contributed to the small businesses as well.


It is necessary to note that the in daunting features or virtual PBX is sure to help your business upgrade irrespective of the size. The cloud-based PBX’s inclusion in your system can be helpful for you in the long run. Some of the prominent ways through which virtual PBX has been helping the small businesses include the following


The constant presence of an auto-receptionist

Customers can have a query at any point of time and hence they expect your business to serve the right purpose to them. Well, if you have been in one of those situations, you already are aware of how complicated things can get. The absence of someone to answer their calls may leave them to disappoint them and they may never want to work with you.


The virtual PBX allows the constant presence of an auto-receptionist to ensure that all the basic functions are carried out. However it is only during the complicated issues that the call is transferred to an expert. The auto-receptionist of virtual PBX needs to be trained thoroughly so that it can carry out all the basic functions.


Call forwarding

Often customers who want to purchase products from you are made to stay on hold. If this happens with the customer for too long, they are sure to leave and never return. As a result, you will lose a customer which will hurt your business.


In the case of a customer, every call matters and each second is important. If the customer calls you and does not get a proper response, it is sure for you to lose your business reputation. Virtual PBX ensures proper call forwarding of the customer to the available agent. This helps to reduce the waiting time for your customers.


If the customer is made to wait for more than 30 seconds, the call will eventually be transferred to another available agent. The virtual PBX system will however notify the customer about call transfer. But, it no agent is present at the time, the call will be transferred back to you. As an agent, you also get the flexibility to set after hours.


Personalised calling

The phone number has a direct impact on your customer. With the virtual PBX connection, you will get access to unlimited toll-free numbers which can eventually be helpful for you in the long run. The toll-free numbers will inform your customers about the legal and reliability of the brand.


It is extremely necessary to receive voicemails and respond to your clients effectively. While you may feel this is not possible, it is with the right PBX system you will be able to solve even the most complex problems. With a virtual PBX system implemented in your system, you can personalise holding.