Virtual PBX Trends for the coming years

Technologies are developing at a rapid rate and you wouldn’t even have an idea of when new trends emerge. The introduction of these trends is proving to be challenging but then it can be a great boost. Once you try analysing the benefits, you would be surprised with what trends have emerged in the past few years.


Virtual PBX is everywhere in today’s era. With minor trials and errors and advancements, technology is evolving at a rapid rate. Due to its efficiency, virtual PBX has become an important part of the small business phone system. Reports suggest that new trends are coming each generation and advancements are compared to past generations.


Experts suggest that this boost in the market has proven to be extremely efficient. Reports have suggested that the virtual PBX market would reach its height by 2025.


This private branch exchange system built on the voice over internet protocol technology has had a major impact on the boost of industry. The unified communication technology has however led to communication across different platforms. This has further given a great push to the market.


Trends to watch out for

The unified communication business has come a lot way and is one of the best additions in the connecting teams. The unified communication procedure has been connecting different channels. The unified communication has been helpful for the employees and customers stay connected as well. The shareholders also have an important role to play. Moreover, the right strategy can help to bring about a significant difference.


Some of the prominent trends to watch out for in the virtual PBX market include the following


Cloud-based phone

People are eventually giving up on their traditional desk phones. The enterprise teams further stay connected to each other through the calls and phone systems. People in remote destinations also stay connected via the phone.


The advent of cloud-based phones has been taking up the role of desk phones as well as mobile devices. Both these have helped boost the business. The cloud-based phones have been introducing modern features such as text messages, chat and HD video call.


Neotel’s virtual PBX system has provided a unified communication service that provides a wide range of services. They have been providing various cloud-based phones and all can stay connected through cloud. Moreover, all the data is stored in cloud-based phone. This further ensures security of all your data.


Rise of the session manager

webrtc line

Virtual PBX software-based on VoIP has played an important role in replacing traditional phones. Softphones and IP phones with IP PBX server has played to meet the necessities. The PBX system came into being when traditional phones were in being and eventually the replacement began. The transport mechanism has further worked with accordance. It is being anticipated that shortly, the IP session manager will grow. The multimedia functionalities with voice-over help to enhance the WebRTC technology.


Digital receptionist

Since you are running your business, your customer tends to have certain queries. These queries may arrive any time and thus it is necessary to be available for solving your queries all 24*7.


The coming in of virtual PBX has however allowed the increase of digital receptionist. The digital receptionist will enable you to get hold of any required information. The information stored is further used for creating custom greetings depending on business and holiday hours.


Digital receptionist can ease a lot of things. With the help of a digital agent, the customers can reach to representative whenever required. This would further be used for storing contact information. Moreover, routing calls can also become easy with the dial-by-name directory.


AI, IoT and Hosted Server

virtual pbx

Artificial Intelligence, IoT and hosted sector has an important role in PBX software too. With the rise of IP PBX sector in the future, voice commands are sure to take up the industry. Smartphones, when introduced rose at a significant rate and better than a traditional phone. These became one of the most efficient sources for calling.


Similar is to happen with virtual PBS server. The software is being implemented with AI and IoT, thereby allowing the system to give a thorough range of feedback. Based on the feedback received the system works towards the update.


Another prominent rise came with IVR. The presence of the hosted services enabled the system to keep a check with feedback. Based on the routine the calls were either taken up the system or transferred to the human assistance if required. Therefore, the source of IVR cannot be denied in this aspect.


Most people are concerned about how IoT affects the sector. Well, IoT with virtual PBX provides the functionality of bidirectional communication. The cloud sector is dominating over most of the industries, and thus the inclusion with virtual PBX wouldn’t be a shock. All data stored with PBX can be a great boost to the entire working and maintains the security as well.


Customised hold time

Hold times in business hours can be annoying and yet is one of the most important parts. Often businesses fail to address the problems of customers effectively because of long hold time. No customer would ever like to stick to the routine of staying in long hold times. If you make your customers wait for too long, they are sure to escape and never come time.


Making the customers wait for too long increases the fear of disconnected calls. If the call gets disconnected, your business is likely to suffer for the clients won’t have a positive say about the business. If you want the customers to stay engaged in the call, it is extremely necessary to provide assurance.


The call centres often face problems because they need to transfer lines from one place to another. To ensure that the customer doesn’t get disconnected, customised hold theme songs are played. The virtual PBX system allows streaming music and messages thereby asking the customers to wait patiently for the call to be answered.


Mobile communication

The world is moving at a rapid rate and it has seen various developments in the telecommunication field.


If the cloud-based phones are introduced for your system, there won’t be any necessity for your employees to function in certain situations. This will help your business to maximize productivity with the system. The virtual PBX system comes with various robust mobile phones thereby offering complete control. As a result, with modern-day communication, you will be able to keep a check with the calls and enjoy all features such as group chat and texting. This unified communication system would however be helpful in the long run.


Remote employees

Although this isn’t necessarily any trend, the coming in of virtual PBX has made it easier for businesses to hire remote employees. Earlier, people who weren’t able to work with a particular company can now take active participation. This active participation not only boosts up the employee count but better sales and businesses. A good internet connection is a must while hiring remote employees. Further information can be provided based on the requirements.