What are the advantages of Virtual PBX?

A Virtual PBX (PBX stands for private branch exchange) is an inexpensive version of hosted PBX. These two different systems are examples of VoIP PBX phone systems which transmit calls over the Internet as data.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the major advantages of Virtual PBX – and why your business should invest in it today!

It’s accessible for all

The main advantage of virtual PBX is that it allows small businesses which operate on a budget access to a VoIP service provider and all its attendant benefits, which include auto attendants and voicemail. This allows even the smallest of enterprises, whether you’re a start-up or a freelancer, to provide as professional an image as possible to clients – and hopefully encourage more sales!

Limited commitment

Virtual PBX phone systems provide small businesses with limited features compared to hosted PBX services; however, many find them advantageous because there is often a limited commitment required. Many systems don’t need a contract, so enterprises can cancel at any time. This makes virtual PBX a popular option for those whose revenue fluctuates throughout the year.

Here at Neotel Virtual PBX, we offer complete freedom, with no long-term contract. Get in touch with us to find out more.

It’s flexible

If your company has various branches which are located across the country or even the globe, virtual PBX can help unite them into one network. Calls can be made using your laptop and headset, with no need for high-cost hardware, gateways and connectors.

virtual pbx

It’s hassle-free

Unlike with other office communications options, virtual PBX is virtually hassle-free. The hardware is installed off-site, so if anything goes wrong, your provider will take care of it. Any updates or new features can be incorporated without you having to change your system.

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