PBX: Everything you need to know about it

Business phones have transformed a lot as compared to the past generation. The phone is entirely dedicated to business purposes and has several benefits to serve. It is often referred to as the PBX system. As compared to the previous generation phones, the business phones have seen a rapid development.


PBX has become an essential device for both small and big businesses. If you are a customer who has called any business to confirm your requirement, you may often hear a system asking you to press 1 or not. This is known as virtual PBX. This system has proven to be extremely beneficial for businesses. Most businesses these days have implemented virtual PBX into their system, to enhance the service.


What is PBX?

PBX system refers to Private Branch Exchange. It is an efficient business phone which is meant to route calls, connect different callers and share different lines. While PBX is mostly beneficial for all, the virtual PBX is entirely designed for the call center businesses. The virtual PBX system is can be helpful for storing all the information since it is cloud-based. As a result, all your data will be secure.


The PBX system consists of trunks such as station, line and phones. One major benefit of PBX is that it is extremely easy to use, fast setup and is considerably less expensive. These are meant for both external and internal call volumes.


PBX systems have evolved a lot since the previous generations. There are usually three types of PBX system like switchboard, IP (Internet Protocol) and automatic. The PBX is also often referred to as “Unified Communications” and is one of the most efficient systems. The technology has continuously evolved as compared to the previous generations and bringing a boost to the entire business.

Why include PBX in your business? 

Virtual PBX has played an important role in boosting businesses in today’s generation. If you have not yet included PBX into your business, it is time that you should do so. Some of the most prominent benefits of virtual PBX in your business include that of cost-effective, time-effective and enhanced features for boosting business.


Most businesses in today’s generation has been including this system in their business. Since PBX has undergone a transformation, it is necessary to understand that for a business to run effectively, you need to choose the most advanced system. Virtual PBX in different scenarios can play different roles. One of the major advantages is that it can store the data of your customers. Thus, you will eventually know that the updated version provides excessive features.


If you want to choose PBX for your business, you will need to take into consideration a lot of things.


Questions to ask before choosing PBX

virtual pbx

Virtual PBX is a cloud-based system which is extremely affordable. Although setup is easy, you may need some time to be familiar with the working of virtual PBX. Nonetheless, you need to be entirely familiar with the working and goals for better profits. Some of the important questions to ask before choosing the virtual PBX system include the following:


Does it contain all the features? 

The initial question you should ask the provider is whether the virtual PBX system contains all the required features. Neotel provides a wide range of features in the virtual PBX. You should make a list of important features. However, you need to consider all the features that will be helpful for you in the future as well.


Virtual PBX will be beneficial for you if your employees have been working from home or other locations. It is necessary that you choose the right package from the beginning so that it can be helpful for you in the long run. Moreover, it will further be helpful if you want to expand the PBX services in the long run. As a result, you need to check the coming soon features.


Can I change various lines?

The virtual PBX provides you the flexibility to add and reduce lines. As a result, you will be able to keep a check of the number of users as well. But, before you purchase the virtual PBX you need to check if the service provider offers flexibility of adding and reducing lines. Moreover, you also need to ensure that there aren’t any hidden charges.


You should think about the long-term benefits than short-term ones for better benefits. Based on your minimum commitment the operator should add and decrease lines. Virtual PBX can be helpful for you in the seasonal business. Moreover, you should also have the ability to modify your services through any online portal system and make changes in the call support.


What are the startup costs apart from equipment and setup? 

Most service providers in today’s time try to introduce certain hidden charges apart from the fees. Apart from that, you should also check if the virtual PBX has extra benefits. Before offering you the service, most service providers prefer doing a network analysis. This analysis or site survey is extremely helpful in the long run.


The site analysis acts as a stepping stone for the service provider to determine the working of the system and preparing a network plan. Excellent communication with virtual PBX is extremely swift for it allows you the option of adding conferencing and faxing files, hunt groups, phone numbers, call queues and more.


Most people prefer checking the analysis before paying for the service provider. If you are looking for an efficient PBX system, you should prefer carrying out thorough research and checking with the provider about the startup costs.


What are the international costs? What are the daily costs for the services acquired? 

Whenever you are choosing the virtual PBX system, you need to consider a lot of things such as monthly connection fees, service fees and per-minute charges. The providers usually has every information about this aspect. As a result, you should prefer doing your research and how it works.


Apart from the toll-free service, the international calls are charged on a monthly basis. As a result, before choosing the service, you should look out for the potential charges and analyse all the bills. Therefore, doing research about the charges will help you determine that you are not overcharged for the particular service.


Do I need extra lines if my workers are working at a remote destination? 

The telephony system is of various types and consists of all necessary equipment. These firm an important equipment of the virtual PBX system. Whenever you are choosing the system, you need to ensure that you get from experts. Moreover, you can also prefer getting certain components from particular order too.


Some of the prominent aspects that you should be getting with the system include IP Gateways, Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs) and more. This can be extremely beneficial for connecting different systems as well. Therefore, if you have employees working in remote destination, you need to ensure that you work with a wide range of providers for better services. Moreover, you need to check for the additional costs as well on a monthly basis.


Whenever choosing a virtual PBX system, you need to ensure that you are getting a sufficient amount of services. You need to stay in touch with the provider regular to avoid any inconvenience.